We build Power BI Connectors

Business Automator are specialist at providing cloud connectors for Business Intelligence. 

Want to Build Your Own Power BI Connectors and Not Write Any Code?

The first two modules of our no code connector development course is free to watch!  

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Business Intelligence Connectors

Whether you need Power BI Connectors, or connectors for Tableu or Excel, we have got you covered. The best thing about our connectors is that they are truly flexible and cloud based meaning that all you simply have to do is point your BI tool to the data our connectors extract, this could be CSV, TXT, XLS or a SQL DB.!

This mean that our connectors work independently of any BI platform so it's possible for you to use whichever BI tool you want! 

The best thing about our connectors is that they are simple to set up and modify for future needs as they are built using the latest no code platforms!

Once we build you a connector, it's yours forever which gives you total control! 

Gone are the days of spending hundreds of dollars each year on 3rd party ODBC drivers that simply don't work very well with services like Power BI Service! 

Why not contact us to discuss how our connectors work!

Power BI Connectors

Tableu Connectors

Excel Connectors

​We build Bespoke Connectors

We can build connectors for you very affordably or why not take our course and build them for yourself?

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About Our Bespoke Connectors

  • Cloud Based, meaning theres nothing to install on your machine
  • Oath 2, API Key and Basic Auth ready
  • Data extracted to Onedrive, Dropbox or Box in CSV or TXT format
  • Daily or Live Data Extractions
  • Option to fully manage (we keep all connectors up-to-date with any API changes)
  • Secure
  • All you do is connect your BI tool to your extarcted data
  • Implement on your own server or via our platform for additional subscription.
  • Power BI Connectors
  • Tableu Connectors
  • Excel Connectors
  • Works with any BI tool!


bESPOKE connector development

We build the connector to your specifications

$ From 750 one-off fee*

 Setup and host yourself


we host your connector for you on our servers from $5.99/mo

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Daily or Live data extractions to CSV or TXT
  • Alternatively to MS SQL, MYSQL or Postgres
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Kept up to date with changes to API's
  • 4 Endpoints included. Additional endpoints charged at $100 extra
  • Yours to keep forever

* All ownership and rights to code is retained by Business Automator


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About Us
Jeanesh Patel

Jeanesh is the Managing Director of Business Automator and also the Head Business Analyst. He has a Mci in Computer Science and has spent over 10 years in investment banking as a Lead Business Analyst for companies like Credit Suisse Group, Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclarys Capital. 


He is an experienced proffessional in the business process reengineering and is an expert in the field of business intelligence and system development.