Zapier: Your Guide to Automating Your Business and Your Life

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When it comes to our businesses there are far too many things that we’re responsible for in a given day. And when you’re trying to juggle all of the different things that are calling for your attention it’s likely that there are some things that get missed. Those things, however, have the potential to hurt your business. That’s where automation comes in and it can make a huge difference in the way you run your business. And it can make a huge difference in your personal life as well.

What is Zapier?

The short answer is that Zapier is an automation tool that will allow you to connect different applications and services that you need to perform on a regular basis. By doing this, you actually cut down on the number of tasks that you have to do personally. What’s even better is that you don’t need to do any coding or hire a developer to get started. The whole process is simple, straightforward, and direct. All you need to do is use the guide available on the company website (or the information we’re going to give you here) to set things up.

How it Works

When you’re using Zapier you start with something called a ‘Zap.’ Zaps are the actual automated workflow. So, one Zap is a trigger followed by a single or series of actions. You just set up the Zap to do what you want when you start a trigger and then you can turn on that Zap and it just works for you. It’s really that simple. It takes only a few minutes (or less) to set up a Zap and then it will execute every time you perform the trigger.

When you create a Zap you can choose to start from scratch or you can choose to start from a template. If you start with a template you can use the ones that are on the app pages or in the Zapier Explore page. There are even templates for a range of different things that you might want to do from creating Trello cards to even more. Of course, you can create the type of trigger that you want for any type of activity. And creating those triggers is simple for those who want to start from scratch.

Starting from scratch means that you choose a trigger app that you want to use and then a trigger event that will happen inside the app. Then you select the account that you want to use with the app and customize the specific trigger that you want within that act. From there, you just need to trigger the action and see if it actually works out properly. Then you can set the action ap, the action event, the account and customize it. From there, you test it out and you’re going to have no problem seeing if the trigger and app work the way that you expect.

Detailing the Process

Let’s take a little bit deeper dive into each of the different aspects of this process and just what they actually mean. That way, you can make sure that you’re going through everything the way you’re supposed to. You’ll be able to customize and automate anything and everything that you want.

Make a Zap

When you are ready to make a Zap you have to start by choosing the trigger that you’re going to initiate. Which app is the trigger going to be related to? You need to select the app that the trigger is associated with and you can either search or scroll through the many apps available to make your choice. Then, determine what specific task in that app needs to occur. Once again you can choose to scroll through the options or to search for something. From there, you want to configure the trigger and the actions that you’ve chosen and make sure that your Zap is able to access your accounts to act the way that you want.

Next, you’re going to need to work on the actual action. You need to determine what’s going to happen when you initiate the trigger. Now, you’re going to have to go through the same process to choose an action. You need to start with the app that that you want the action to come from and choose by scrolling or searching. You can then choose the specific task that you want to do, whether searching or scrolling. Finally, you’ll be able to configure everything so that your Zap is able to actually function. You’ll also want to be careful that your action is described as much as possible.

You want to be very specific about the action that is going to occur when you initiate a Zap. That’s how you’re going to make sure that you are getting rid of the need to go through so many steps. Setting things up is going to take a little time, but once you get it all set up you’re never going to have to go through this process again. You’ll only need to select the trigger and the Zap will be preformed for you. That makes the whole thing a lot easier to go through at this time. Just remember to get as specific as you can about wat needs to occur.

You’ll also want to test out the Zap to make sure that it works properly. Go through the entire process of setting up and then initiating the trigger to be sure that it will work out. If it does then you just need to name it and save it. If it doesn’t you’ll need to go back through the steps and make sure that you have described the right trigger and the right action steps as well. From there, you’ll be able to test it out and make sure that it works properly. Then, you just save it and name it and you’re ready to go.

Monitoring Your Zaps

Once you’ve created the Zaps you’ll be able to monitor them through Zapier as well. You’ll be able to keep track of when the Zaps are happening and you’ll also be able to go through the “History” section of your Zapier account. You’ll be able to look at each time that a different Zap has occur or been attempted. That’s going to help you see exactly where your Zaps are failing or where there are any problems that might be happening within the system. You can see Zaps that aren’t working so you can fix them quickly.

You’re also going to be able to check different types of Zaps, sorting them by categories, by when they last occurred and a whole lot more. You can even get a spreadsheet of everything that’s happening within your account and the way that different Zaps occur. All of this information is going to  be easy to review and you’ll be able to see areas where you might need additional Zaps to be created as well. That way, you can automate as many different tasks as possible and make sure you’re not wasting your time.

Customizing Your Zaps Further

Maybe you don’t want a single trigger to always initiate the same action. Well, in that case then you’re going to need to enact a few filters. With filters you get to select a trigger and then choose subcategories that will occur in different ways. That way, you can make sure that if one specific trigger is initiated it will initiate a different action versus a slight difference. This is going to make it a whole lot easier to customize the features that you’re initiating. You can make sure that certain Zaps occur only in very specific situations.

The more specific you can make your Zaps the easier it’s going to be for you to make sure that you are following through with what you need. You can customize using ‘and’ statements as well as ‘or’ statements. You can choose which parameters must be met. You can choose whether you’re going to have a series of factors that need to be met or only a single one. You’ll also be able to really create a situation that will customize and automate all of the features within your business so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Why Do You Want to Use Zaps?

The best reason that you will want to initiate Zaps and use Zapier is because it’s going to save you a whole lot of time. Every task that you don’t have to perform for yourself is going to save you a little bit more time, whether it’s sending an email or creating a new task to perform. Even if each of the tasks you’re automating takes a minute or two to perform, you have to think about how many times each day or each week you perform that task. Then, multiply that by a month or a year and see how much time you could save by automating that process.

Another important reason to use Zaps is to save money. After all, you want to spend as little money as you can within your business, right? So that you can make the largest profit possible. Well, when you’re saving time you’re also going to be saving money. You won’t have to pay yourself or pay someone else to perform a task during that time. Instead, you or that employee could be working on something else, something that can’t be automated. That’s going to save you a great deal of money in the long-run.

Next, you’re going to get rid of some of the dull or boring tasks that you likely don’t really want to perform anyway. Think about it. How exciting is it to write the same email day after day? How exciting is it to have to write a post on Facebook, Twitter and all your other social media platforms that says the same exact thing? Well, when you can automate these things you’re not going to have to worry about those dull tasks. You just initiate a trigger and the task is taken care of for you. That’s definitely going to  be a benefit for you.

You’re specifically going to want Zapier because it allows you to customize just about anything and everything you want. You can create different types of triggers and actions. You can customize those down to specific filters and you can do a whole lot of great things to make sure that your business is as fully automated as possible. Zapier is going to make everything a whole lot easier than with any other automation software and it’s all going to be simple to monitor and control while you’re at it.

When you work with this system you’re going to have the ability to set filters and a whole lot more. Then, you just initiate the trigger and you’re set to go. Walking your way through the processes that we’ve discussed above is going to make it a great experience. You’re going to find yourself saving time, saving money and a whole lot more. So, what are you going to do when it comes to setting up your business? You’re going to want to take a closer look at all of the different features that go along with Zapier and all the ways that you can even upgrade your service to get more and more out of it every time.

When it comes down to it, there are a number of different reasons that you should be using an automation system and Zapier is definitely one of the best you’re going to find. You can automate just about anything that you want and you’ll be able to quickly and easily set up everything that you need. What could be better than that? Check out Zapier and see just how you can start automating a number of factors within your business, to help improve the way your business operates.  

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